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SoftTechLab have many useful online tools that help digital marketers to get more leads and grow businesses. Over 25,000+ companies, both big and small, are growing their business with SoftTechLab.

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We have designed three effective features that allow our clients to get the fastest result in their campaigns (and more are still on their way). Though some of these tools have been there in the industry for quite some time now, our latest updated tool developed by the finest Indian developers supersede those conventional digital marketing tools. All the programs used in developing each of these tools are designed to be two times fast than its peers. That way it won’t only capture leads, it does it two times faster than others. As for our Text Email Extractor, it accesses Text Files, extracting only active email addresses from text contents as fast as it can. The same thing goes for our Web Email Finder and Real email verifier; in SoftTechLab, it is all about the speed.

Our Featured Tools

Web Email Finder

Web Email Finder

Extract email addresses and phone numbers from any websites! Build your own mailing list.

Real Email Verifier

Real Email Verifier

No More Email Bounce & Email/IP Backlist! Check and Verify Real Email Addresses That Exists.

Bulk Mailer

Bulk Mailer

Manage mailing lists & Send unlimited massive emails/newsletters using any SMTP.

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