Run successful mailing campaigns with easy to use Bulk Mailer software

Manage Mailing List

Manage Mailing List

Upload contacts from notepad/Excel or manually add contacts to mailing lists.

Manage Message

Manage Message

Compose multiple messages easily with our visual editor.

Manage SMTP Server

Manage SMTP Server

Add your SMTP server and manage them. Works with any SMTP server.

Custom Fields Support

Custom Fields Support

You can send different messages to sifferent recipients using custom fields.

Message Preview

Message Preview

Preview the messages of each recipients to make sure the emails will send to the correct recipients.

Activity Log

Activity Log

Know the Bulk Mailer activities from the activity log. Also you can enable mail processing completed sound.


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How to Send Emails Using Google/Gmail SMTP Server for Free

Google provides free Gmail SMTP server. So anyone who has a Gmail account can send emails for free. You can use it with personal Gmail or business Gmail (G Suite). The Gmail mail server send limit is approximately 100-150 emails per day whereas the G Suit server send limit is 2,000 per day.

To use Gmail's SMTP server, you will need the following settings for your outgoing emails:

Step: 1

Visit https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps and turn on the "Allow less secure apps" setting.


  • Outgoing SMTP Host: smtp.gmail.com
  • SMTP Port: 465 (SSL required) or 587 (TLS required)
  • Secure Connection/Protection: For 465 port choose TLS and for 587 port choose SSL
  • Username: Your Gmail account (e.g. username@gmail.com)
  • Password: Your Gmail password
  • Sender Name: Your Name
  • Sender Email: Your Gmail account (e.g. username@gmail.com)
Gmail SMTP Setting

Email Marketing Tips

20 quick guide to avoid email spam

1 Hash Busting: Avoid adding random characters in the mail subject or mail content to fool email spam filters. Eg: "W.in p.r!z.e"

2 Deceptive Subject Lines: Don't start the email subject with "FW: / RE: / Urgent – / Thanks for your order!" to think an ongoing communication with the sender.

3 From Email ID and Name: It is recommended that the "From Email ID" and the "SMTP Username/Email ID" and "reply-to" must be same. Use your full name in the "Email Name" field. The email ID should be "yourname@", "contact@", "support@", "sales@".Not like "342Johnd@domain.com", "noreply@domain.com".

4 Email Content: Avoid the use of large or unusual fonts, or more than one font, background colours, many bold or italic HTML tags in your mail content. Make sure you use the HTML tags wisely in the email content and it should not look like an advertisement or a brochure.

5 Spam Words: Avoid using email risky/spam words such as "free", "limited offer", "click now", "congratulations", "dear friend", "amazing", "special promotion", "guarantee", "cancel at any time", "increase sales", "order now", "promise you", "this is not spam" etc.. Also, avoid using lot of capitalized letters & excessive punctuations in email subject or content. Exclamation marks are mostly risky in email subject lines.

6 Image Text: Don't compose a text message in an image to fool spam filters.

7 Use of Links: Make sure that you only link to legitimate websites with reputable domains.

8 Image-to-text Ratio: Maintain image-to-text ratio. We recommend maintain a ratio of 80% text to 20% images in your email.

9 Email Size: Don’t go crazy with email size (30 KB is just fine).

10 HTML Mail: We have tested that plain text versus branded emails and found that the branded emails actually get higher engagement. The HTML male should be mobile responsive. Use compressed images. The message should be 600-800 pixels. This will make the message look good in most mail clients.

11 Email Signature: It is recommended that you should add email signature and Physical Address in the footer section of your email.

12 Unsubscribe Link: Adding a list-unsubscribe header in the mail header is a kind of guarantee that you are a legitimate sender. Also, add the unsubscribe button in the message content to improve the experience for your customers.

13 Never Buy Email Lists from Others: Because the mailing lists may contain lots of invalid or dead emails.

14 Clean Up Your Mailing list: Use an email verifier tool to clean up your contact emails.

15 Dedicated IP: If you are on a shared IP, it is recommended to buy a dedicated SMTP server/ IP. Because others also use the shared IP and it may have gotten your IP blacklisted for spam.

16 Follow IP Warm-up: IP warming is a gradual process that happens over time to establish a reputation as a legitimate email sender in the eyes of ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

17 Whitelist Your IP: Unfortunately, if your IP got blacklisted in some spam filters then you should request the spam filter providers to whitelist your IP.

18 DNS Records: Update the SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records on your DNS to avoid email spam and bounce.

19 Hourly Email Sending Limit: Ask your email service provider or check the daily and hourly email sending limit.

20 Stay in Touch: Maintain a steady flow of communication.

Avoid using Spam Trigger Words in email subject and content
0% 99% 99.90% 100% 777 #1 $$$ 0% risk 100% free 100% more 100% satisfied 4U 50% off Accept credit cards Acceptance Access Access for free Access now Accordingly Act immediately Act now Act Now! Action Action required Ad Additional income Addresses Addresses on CD Affordable Affordable deal All natural All natural/new All new Amazed Amazing Amazing offer Amazing stuff Apply here Apply now Apply Online As seen on At no cost Auto email removal Avoid Avoid bankruptcy Bargain Be amazed Be amazed/your own boss Be surprised Be your own boss Become a member Being a member Believe me Beneficiary Best bargain Best deal Best offer Best price Beverage Big bucks Bill 1618 Billing Billing address Billion Billion dollars Billionaire Bonus Boss Brand new pager Bulk email Buy Buy direct Buy now Buying judgements Buying judgments Cable converter Call Call free Call free/now Call me Call now Calling creditors Can’t live without Cancel Cancel at any time Cancel now Cancellation required Cannot be combined with any other offer Can't live without Card accepted Cards accepted Cash Cash bonus Cash out Cashcashcash Casino Celebrity Cell phone cancer scam Cents on the dollar Certified Chance Cheap Check Check or money order Claim now Claim your discount Claims Claims not to be selling anything Claims to be in accordance with some spam law Claims to be legal Clearance Click Click below Click here Click now Click to get Click to remove Collect Collect child support Compare Compare now Compare online Compare rates Compete for your business Confidentiality Confidentiality on all orders Confidentially on all orders Congratulations Consolidate debt Consolidate debt and credit Consolidate your debt Copy accurately Copy DVDs Cost Costs Credit Credit bureaus Credit card offers Credit card/check/offers Cures Cures baldness Deal Dear Debt Diagnostics Dig up dirt on friends Direct email Direct marketing Discount Do it now Do it today Don’t delete Don’t hesitate Don't delete Don't delete/hesitate Don't hesitate Dormant Double your Double your cash Double your income Double your income/cash Double your wealth Drastically reduced Earn Earn $ Earn Cash Earn extra cash Earn from home Earn money Earn monthly Earn per month Earn per week Easy terms Eliminate bad credit Eliminate debt Email extractor Email harvest Email marketing Exclusive deal Expect to earn Expire Explode your business Extra Extra cash Extra income Extract email F r e e Fantastic Fantastic deal Fantastic offer Fast cash Fast Viagra delivery Financial freedom Financially independent For free For instant access For just For Only For you Form Free Free access Free access/money/gift Free and free Free bonus Free cell phone Free consultation Free DVD Free gift Free grant money Free hosting Free info Free information Free installation Free Instant Free investment Free iPhone Free leads Free Macbook Free membership Free money Free offer Free preview Free priority mail Free quote Free sample Free trial Free website Freedom Friend Full refund Get Get it now Get it paid Get out of debt Get paid Get started now Gift certificate Give it away Giveaway Giving away Giving it away Great Great deal Great offer Guarantee Guaranteed Guaranteed deposit Guaranteed income Guaranteed payment Have you been turned down? 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You have been chosen You have been selected You have been selected! You’re a winner! Your chance Your income Your status Zero chance Zero percent Zero risk
Follow IP Warming Up Strategy

When you have added a new dedicated IP address to your mail server, you should follow the IP Warm-up Strategy at least for 30days. IP Warm-up allows you to gradually send more and more emails using the new dedicated IP address to establish a good sender reputation.

When an ISP observes e-mail suddenly coming from a new dedicated IP address, they will take notice as well as immediately start analyzing the traffic originating from that IP. As ISPs treat e-mail quantity as a key determining factor when identifying spam, it is best to start sending a low to moderate quantity, eventually working your way up to bigger quantities. This gives the receiving e-mail service providers a chance to closely observe your mail sending practices and also record how your receivers engage with your e-mail.

IP warmup hourly mail send schedule
1st WEEK
Day 120 Emails/Hr480 Emails/Day
Day 230 Emails/Hr720 Emails/Day
Day 345 Emails/Hr1080 Emails/Day
Day 460 Emails/Hr1440 Emails/Day
Day 580 Emails/Hr1920 Emails/Day
Day 6110 Emails/Hr2640 Emails/Day
Day 7140 Emails/Hr3360 Emails/Day
2nd WEEK
Day 8200 Emails/Hr4800 Emails/Day
Day 9280 Emails/Hr6720 Emails/Day
Day 10360 Emails/Hr8640 Emails/Day
Day 11450 Emails/Hr10,800 Emails/Day
Day 12600 Emails/Hr14,400 Emails/Day
Day 13780 Emails/Hr18,720 Emails/Day
Day 141000 Emails/Hr24,000 Emails/Day